Callaway Authentic

In a world first for Callaway Golf, Callaway Golf South Pacific has launched a major Anti-Counterfeiting initiative to protect the authenticity and quality of its products and the Callaway brand.

The Callaway Golf Certified Authentic label is a new and unique feature that will appear on genuine Callaway golf clubs released to the Australian & New Zealand market* by Callaway Golf South Pacific from January 1st 2011.

Using an innovative image shift label that can only be viewed using a polarised filter, along with several other highly technical security features, the Callaway Golf Certified Authentic label can be used by retailers and consumers to validate authenticity from certified resellers of the Callaway brand.

Additional security features include:

  • Color-Shift Film (copper/green)
  • Mirage TM Covert / Overt Secure Imaging fields
  • Each Label is identified using a unique serial number