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Legacy Black II Driver

The Legacy Black II Driver is made with a Forged Cup Face and an Advanced OptiFit hosel that allows players to adjust both the loft and the draw/neutral fade bias.

Features + Details

3 Distinct Head Shapes

430cc, 9 degree – Strong trajectory driver with deeper face and round shape. Lowest CG and semi-fade bias

440CC / 9.5 DEGREE
Mid trajectory driver with traditional shape. Neutral bias and low CG

460CC / 10.5 DEGREE
High trajectory driver with rounded head shape. Semi-draw bias and low CG

Speed Frame Forged Face Cup

The combination of VFT® and Hyperbolic Face™ technologies creates a larger sweet spot and increases ball speeds across the titanium face for longer, more consistent distance

Advanced OptiFit Hosel

Advanced OptiFit Hosel allows you to increase or decrease loft for optimum trajectory.

CG bias can be adjusted to Draw or Neutral to optimize shot shape.

Sound Rib Head Construction

Sound rib construction creates solid sound for Tour Authentic head and more high pitch sound for the 440 and 460 heads